Department Clinic for Children and Adolescents

About Us

About us

What questions do children and young people and their families come to us with? Children and young people with behavioural problems and/or emotional and social problems are treated in the university outpatient clinic. We work with children of kindergarten and primary school age as well as with young people and their families.

Diagnostics and counselling

We offer diagnostics and consulting for 

  • Clarification of partial performance disturbances,
  • Clarification of intelligence level and talent structure,
  • Clarification of giftedness,
  • social and/or emotional anomalies and problems


We offer psychotherapy (behaviour therapy) for children and adolescents with disorders from the entire spectrum of child and adolescent psychiatry. This includes 

  • Social behaviour disorders, impulse control disorders
  • ADHD, attention deficit disorder
  • Anxieties, compulsions, somatoform disorders
  • Depressions
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Excretion disorders
  • Adaptation disorders, attachment disorders, regulation disorders.

In addition, therapeutic groups are held regularly at our outpatient clinic to strengthen social skills.

Intensive therapy ADHS 

We offer intensive therapy for children with ADHS. 

This offers the opportunity to work with children and their families over a period of one year on attention deficits, concentration difficulties and behavioural problems. The behavioural therapy applied for at the health insurance company does not take place once a week, but is divided into a three-week intensive phase during the summer holidays and a stabilisation phase until spring of the following year. The treatment is carried out by a certified child and youth psychotherapist and takes place mainly in a group. You can find further information on our flyer . 

Please note: The date for the intensive phase 2020 will be cancelled this year! 

We offer counselling and psychotherapy for families with babies and kindergarten children in our infant and toddler consultation hours. 

Because early childhood in particular is such an important phase for the development of every human being, it is better to seek help in good time when problems and uncertainties arise. 

We support you in establishing a good relationship with your child and help you to understand childhood signals better. In the case of behavioural problems, we provide you with advice and help and strengthen your parental skills. 

You can find further information on infant and toddler counselling in our flyer .

General information 

The diagnostic as well as therapeutic measures in our university outpatient clinic can mainly be invoiced via the health insurance companies. 

Of course, the discussions are confidential. We are subject to the obligation of secrecy !