he library of the Institute of Psychology is a reference library. Staff and students of Heidelberg University can borrow books from the library.

Lending regulations

14 days with possibility of renewal

  • Students:
    • Psychology major and minor
    • Bachelor's and Master's students majoring in and minoring in psychology
    • Teacher-training students with a minor in psychology)
    • Students of the Fernuni Hagen
  • Members of the ZPPler
  • Doctoral students at the Psych,
  • Erasmus students
  • Students or academic staff of the Faculty:
    • Educational Sciences
    • Ethnology
    • Gerontology
    • Sports Science

4 weeks with possibility of extension

Staff at the Institute of Psychology

Short-term loan (copy, night and weekend loan)

Staff and students of other university institutions at Heidelberg University, provided that the primary research and teaching needs of the Institute are not jeopardised.

Borrowing psychological tests

Only professionally qualified persons may borrow tests. This includes:

  • Students of psychology
  • Members of the ZPP
  • Doctoral students at the Institute of Psychology
  • Qualified persons from Heidelberg and the Rhein-Neckar district
    • Registered psychologists
    • Counselling centres

The prerequisite for lending to external persons is that the primary care of the Institute in research and teaching is not impaired. The qualification must be proven by the applicant by presenting the diploma in psychology and/or with a confirmation of employment.

Digital copies

Students and staff of the Institute of Psychology can scan books for their own use free of charge using a supervisory scanner (Zeutschel zeta comfort). Scans can be stored on USB/flash drives.

When scanning, the book lies on its spine and is scanned from above; you can easily turn the page for the next copy. The scanner's software automatically straightens skewed originals and the book fold is removed from the scan.

Zeutschel zeta comfort